Travel Notes: North Fork Wineries

Lo and behold, we stumbled across a little slice of Napa 90 minutes from home.  These were the four we visited and I highly recommend them all. First up, Sparkling Pointe (pic above).. absolutely delicious sparkling wines done methode champenoise and a fancy outdoor tasting with food options.

Second, Kontokosta Winery.. great big tasting room, beautiful water views, huge lawns to run around in with the Harvest Moon Shellfish food truck, and a stand to get more wine if you happen to be too lazy to walk back to the official tasting room.



Third, Croteaux Vineyards.. by far the cutest tasting area I’ve ever seen.. a lot of little nooks and crannies, and beautiful sunbeds to lounge in if you fancy a whole bottle of rose with a book.  They only make rose wine but had already sold out of several varietals so we tried some reds from a nearby vineyard. I was already imagining a birthday party here but unfortunately they don’t do events..


Lastly, Old Field Vineyards..  a cute family run vineyard known for their reds that was in the middle of harvest. Another great place for kids with long picnic tables and a play area.



More later on places to eat and kid-friendly stops!
The Twirl

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