Secret Restaurants

Yesterday, I was excited to read this article about secret restaurants around the world.  One of my favorite things is finding secret restaurants and bars in New York and abroad.  6 years ago I made it my mission to get a referral or phone number for the Japanese restaurant Bohemian.  It is hidden behind a butcher shop in NYC and you need be invited by a previous patron of the restaurant.  You can also apply on their website and beg to be invited as well – the route I took.   Surprisingly, I was able to snag an invitation and was absolutely thrilled by the secret entrance and path to the restaurant.  The space inside was a simple living room concept with groups of people gathered for a cocktail and good food.  This wasn’t a place to be seen – it was for small groups to hang out in relaxed atmosphere away from the busy streets of NYC.   Another NYC place I often send friends to which is also hidden is Sakagura..  another Japanese place where you enter through the basement of a non-descript office building.  The food here is fantastic and it is much easier to get a reservation.  A couple of other hidden spots are the Brassiere at La Esquina, The Taqueria Inside of Tehuitzingo, and the Mulberry Project.  


What spot would you try from the article above ?  I think La Gruta looks amazing.

the twirl

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