NYC Restaurant Review: Cafe Altro Paradiso

A friend recently asked me if I’ve been to any new exciting restaurants in the city with a heavy emphasis on amazing food.  I was excited to have the perfect suggestion – Cafe Altro Paradiso.  I knew I had to try this restaurant because the chef/owner’s last restaurant, Estela, is one of my top 3 dinner places I regularly recommend.  The entrance is a bit deceiving as it came across as a little generic – large bistro type format without my usual draws – cozy, intimate, modern, or eclectic.  However, the food was anything but generic.  The beef carpaccio was out. of. this. world.  It is thinly sauced over potato chips (!) with some sort of heavenly black truffle sauce on top.  The burrata salad rivaled what you get in Italy.  For entrees, the cacio e pepe had the right proportion of cheese and pepper.  The ravioli with chanterelle and truffle had me daydreaming about it for days after.  Our table also had the pork chop which I heard was cooked to perfection.  They added lunch service Tuesday to Friday earlier this year so more times to go there!  Also, if you are curious, the Times review here.

11-15-2017 2-01-37 PM.png

What are your favorite new restaurants?

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