Wanderlust: Cap Ferret

So I came across an NYTimes article talking about the beautiful beaches and laid-back vibe of Cap Ferret, dubbing it the “Cape Cod of France” and talking about a mimosa scented breeze.  Um – need to get there ASAP.  Still, I was a little confused because I would hardly think of that town as laid back.  I then realized I was confusing it with Cap Ferrat, the much better known Côte d’Azur beach spot.  Cap Ferret, on the other hand, is about an hour west of Bordeaux, and known for supplying a lot of France with its oysters.  It is a long stretch of land with water on either side.  The western side is on the Atlantic and the eastern side is a shallow lagoon where you can oyster farm.  Apparently there is not much to do other than sit at the beach and eat in the lovely restaurants in the village.  There are two places that I would choose to stay, outside of renting a villa.  The first looks like my ideal hotel, La Maisson du Bassin.  It is right in the center of town and has a marvelous restaurant.  Before kids, I loved this European concept of a restaurant with rooms – these tend to be causal places with excellent cooking and a cosy room upstairs to sleep in after too much food and wine.  This hotel looks the original “boutique” hotel, before that term became a buzzword as it seems small and intimate, and filled with regulars.  I would love to start an evening off with Champagne in the garden and their famous dorade in their bistro for dinner.  Next up is a luxury property, La Coroniche.   I am dreaming right now about sitting at that pool below.  They also have a newer sister property that opened up last year.

11-30-2017 8-49-11 AM

Maybe I’ll see you over oysters and champagne next summer?  I’ll most likely be at Chez Boulan, the famous oyster place, on the southern part of the tip.

11-30-2017 8-45-31 AM.png

Will do a separate post on eating spots in Cap Ferret soon!

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