Holiday Gifts for a Gal, Part 2

Our post yesterday was one of our most read so we figured we would devote some more time to the best gifts for girls:

  1. In love with this French store and want everything.  Starting with this silk blouse12-12-2017 12-01-40 PM.png
  2. Also, need this and this and this.
  3. Finally, a place to store cheese.  Best part – write the date and type of cheese on it.
  4. Let her read ALL of the magazines on her Ipad by subscribing here for $10/month.
  5. Some of the year’s best cookbooks. Here, here, and here.
  6. A bubbles club, for those who a partial to champagne.  Aren’t we all? A budget friendly option here, that includes champagne, cava and prosecco.
  7. Cute gym bag. Or this below, which seems like it can do it all including your laptop.12-12-2017 12-02-41 PM.png
  8. These German long-lasting tights.  Super warm and luxe.  Maybe two pairs!
  9. Holiday bling – love these ear crawlers!
  10. Dinner with you at her favorite place, because that’s all she really wants anyways. Maybe the dress too 😉

the twirl



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