Non-Ski Weekend in Manchester, VT

We have a somewhat annual tradition of spending the confusing bit between Christmas and New Year’s in Manchester, VT.  We stay at the Equinox which is a great year round resort.  First up, great food without leaving the hotel: The Marsh Tavern is delicious and feels like an upscale gastropub and the Chop House is a top-notch steakhouse.  They have a great pool, nice spa, and a full arcade downstairs for kids.  They really step up their game in the holiday week, making it a real treat.  They offer free shuttles to both ski areas, Stratton & Bromley; offer group babysitting from 5-8 with games and crafts; and show kid friendly movies every evening at 8.  They also do cocktail receptions and a magic shows a couple evenings as well.  Even though it is a bit farther from the ski areas, we love Manchester as there are amazing dining destinations, luxury outlets, and the best independent bookstore I’ve visited!

1-2-2018 2-03-25 PM.png

1-2-2018 2-02-31 PM.png

We also checked out the nearby Taconic Hotel, which looks nice as it was recently renovated.  I enjoy the history behind the Equinox as well as the facilities, but I must admit, it was also nice to be in a brand new renovated hotel.  We also went to their gastropub Copper Grouse for lunch.  The meal here was average but the caesar salad was delicious, especially if you are partial to white anchovies.

1-2-2018 2-16-03 PM.png

In terms of fancier choices, we’ve been to several of the local fine dining restaurants in addition to the Chop House, including highly rated Silver Fork, the Dorset Inn, and the Inn at West View Farms.  On this trip we finally made our way to Chantecleer, which is by far our new favorite.  It is set up inside an old barn with a roaring fire and the food is out of this world.  Fancy comfort food cooked to perfection and our foie gras terrine was one of the best I’ve had.   Definitely looking forward to coming up again soon!


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