Twirl Travel Essentials

I wanted to compile a list of things I never travel without for all of you asking..

1. Surprisingly, I am still committed to a full-sized toilet bag and take a lot of full size creams and shampoos!  I can’t live without this bag.

2. This is hard for me but I’ve realized it is super important to skip the cocktail or the wine on long flights and remind yourself to drink water.  I always tell myself I can have the drink when I get to the destination.  This nifty bottle stows away and helps me stay hydrated.

3.  If we are flying at night, I try to do a face mask right before bed.  This and this are definitely my favorites as they don’t require washing off and you can use the sleep time to let all the extra moisture seep in.

4. I do not have this yet but this seems like my next purchase.  It is slimmer than a smartphone, but has 10,000 mAh of charging power and built-in micro-USB and lightning connectors – keep the Netflix shows coming!

5. My favorite scarf that I have in multiple colors- it can be used as a scarf but most importantly a big soft blanket whenever you are cold.

6. Cozy socks to change into when you are on the plane

7. A stylish tote, but of course.

8. Noise cancelling headphones –  this is the wireless version but I have the cheaper corded version.  I often use these without anything playing just to help me fall asleep!

9. This stuff is low dosage and helps with jet lag.  Trust me, it can be a lifesaver on a plane or at your destination when you need some zzzs.

10. This salve is magic, and will help you look hydrated and refreshed when you land.  Don’t forget your hands and feet!

Another option is to gift a cute ready made travel set a friend (or yourself) that comes pre-stocked with several essentials, making any flight feel a little bit more premium!

the twirl

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